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Caterpillar Retirees Club : Private Functions

Throughout the year the Caterpillar Retirees Cub schedules entertainment, speakers, and celebrates all the major holidays including the Super Bowl, baseball season. To know more about all the activities make sure to stop by our office any Friday morning to sign up to get our bi-monthly newsletter. The membership for Caterpillar retirees and spouses and/or friends to the Caterpillar Retirees Club is free the first year. 



The Caterpillar Retirees Club schedules entertainment each month. We have had over the last year school bands and choirs, Peoria Senior Band, Old Geezers, the Dynamics, Freight Train Mike, Peoria Accordion Club, Nut and Honey, and many other local musical and singing talent. 









We have a hot catered meal from Childers for $8 every month on the third Friday at 11:30 a.m. If usually take reservation the week before. However, you can also just call Betty Powers at (309) 685-8640 up until the Monday prior to the catered hot lunch. Our Caterpillar Retirees Club Board meets the second Wednesday at the East Peoria Park District board room at 9:30 am. We are currently looking for about 5 or 6 recent Caterpillar Retirees to be added to the board. Just stop by during any of our Friday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon and let any of our officers know you are interested in being on our board.    





We have also had many interesting retirees stop by to talk about the many things they have been during since they retired. They include John Butte and the Bradford Coed and their Model T Silver Streak, Deb and Mark Bloomfield on Life after Caterpillar, Ken Gerber on the Peoria and Caterpillar History, Mike Rucker and his books on Terry the Tractor, Evelyn Southey and making Caterpillar Quilts, and just last month Merv Rennich and his memoirs of a Caterpillar Service Representative “Beer and Diesel Fuel”.

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